Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today at the awards ceremony at the Austin AAS meeting, Charles Francis of the Kameny Papers project accepted a certificate of recognition from the president of the AAS honoring Dr. Kameny's efforts.

It was a touching ceremony.  Mr. Francis described Dr. Kameny's early interest in astronomy, and presented a copy of a field guide to astronomy from Dr. Kameny's personal collection to the newly formed LGBTIQ working group of the AAS.  He spoke of it as Dr. Kameny's "rosebud", a childhood symbol of a dream denied.  Dr. Jane Rigby also made a few remarks, and brought Dr. Kameny's thesis.  She read from the acknowledgements some of the more prominent names (Payne-Gaposchkin, Abt, Arp, Blaco...)

I'll post a copy of Mr. Francis's remarks if I can.  My understanding is that the press office is working on this, too.

I tried to make a video of President Elmegreen's presentation;  I missed the first few seconds:

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