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The original purpose of this effort was to create a new prize category for Dr. Kameny, and to have it named in his honor.  This effort has bifurcated into short- and long-term goals:  in the short term, to have the AAS formally honor Dr. Kameny's efforts; and in the long-term, to have a new award established and named after him.  The first goal has now been accomplished:  the AAS posthumously awarded a certificate to Dr. Kameny at its Austin meeting in January 2012.  The latter goal is under consideration by the AAS, and will take some time to accomplish.

The header photo shows President Obama in the Oval Office shaking Frank Kameny's hand after giving him the pen just used to sign the Presidential Memorandum on Federal Benefits and Non-Discrimination, and Support of the Lieberman-Baldwin Benefits Legislation.

Also pictured among others are Vice President Joe Biden, Congressman Barney Frank, and Senator Joe Lieberman. Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images North America.